About Me

I currently live Midtown Manhattan with my girl friend Jo. I moved here a few years ago for college. People call me Sony (long story); Im a mixed Asian American born and raised in Nebraska with three loving sisters (all taken sorry), a cute mom, and overbearing dad. Having been raised in a peaceful and homely area, I now have extra keen awareness for all things overwhelming, peculiar, and messed-up in New York City.

There are a number of reasons why I felt this blog is necessary. For starters, my friends think I need to keep track of my dating. I am also weary of people asking rhetorically "Why are girls so complicated?" As if there is a sweet 5 second answer to a lifetime discovery. Yes, I am a feminist (minor in Women's Studies), but I am by no means an expert of my own kind; I can barely keep on top of my own insecurities, but I am comfortable and honest enough as a female to openly-heartedly discuss it...

I am an utterly-hopeless workaholic with 4 jobs: 1) Marketing assistant for my university 2) Faculty assistant for a professor who also happens to be my boss 3) Associate Accounts Manager for a hip mrktg firm in Soho and 4) Publicist for a huge int'l conference. Wow! I must be really busy! However, I am also a fairly positive, smart, and pretty lilo lady so I manage.

So....does my crazy, people-encountering lifestyle somewhat justify my thick dating profile? Probably not; I'm still a datewhore. How? Many ppl think it's because the girl is attractive, but I'm going to let you in on a secret: a big NO! Serious date-whores: are ppl who not only do the attracting but always finds themselves, inextorably "attracted to."

I am proud of my work-hard play-hard... but finding unconditional love, truth, and beauty in myself and others has always been #1 on my list.