#77: Eye of the Beholder

I wake up this morning with a bitter aftertaste from my second date with Dr. Roy (29) last night. We met while sitting next to each other at the B&N cafe. I should've heard trouble since the first word he used(you're fun) to describe me. The plan sounded great at first... we'll go grab some pizza at Patsy's then some gelato... We grab pizza, but I hastily agree to watch some Youtube clips of his favorite comedians at his apartment. I hardly ever go up to any guy's apartment anywhere near the third date to do anything-- not even to meet a guy up.

His living room reminds me of a long, overdue, frat boy's space. A Bowflex station is lodged in the hallway, the walls are scant of any frames except their flatscreen, and don't even get me started with the pots-n-pansy kitchen and the fridge. I am disgusted, but my face helds it in pretty well. You would think an eye surgeon who makes 200+k per year and works 70+hrs would $pend some on looking the part huh?

We move into his bedroom and he sets up his laptop on his bed. He ly on his bed drinking Corona Light and pats his bedside so I can join him. I smile and tell him I am fine in the chair. Roy shrugs.

We watch some Peter Russell and Elliott Chang. Some Dave Chappelle and Lonely Planet. He shows me a hilarious clip poking fun of Indian accents and Chinese bargaining (Roy is Indian although he does not have an accent and completely Americanized as am I). We share a few laughs... Then he asks for a shoulder massage since he injured his rotary bone a day ago. I agree even though I intuited its a ploy for me to hop on the bed.

He gives me a massage. What am I supposed to do? Turn it down? The massage is a bad idea afterall.

He shows me how to ballroom dance a bit. Then we dance to some Lady Gaga. You can learn a bit by how a person dances. Usually, it's one of the two: dirty or dorky. I can tell Roy is a frequent nightclubber. His flambuoyant dancing is amusing to me as I try hard not to laugh!

We delve into a deep topic about his complicated, year-long, LD relationship with an ex-girlfriend that may still have feelings for him. Great.

Roy: *uncertain* I... I don't even know if it's over between us
S: *neutral and casual* Oh, so you two are still together?
Roy: No, No, No. It's over. I broke up with her... but I think she may not be over it. I don't know. A few weeks ago, she wanted to come over and spend the weekend, but I told her 'Maybe it's not such a good idea.' Yeah... I have never cried over a girl before(I looked to the side uninterested).
Hmm- Interesting.
Roy: *laughs* SOO ... I like music. Do you?

Who is this guy? I want to get home so I could get some rest. I lean over to get him a hug good night and he steps forward to try to kiss me. I immediately put my hand on his lips.

S: Whoa... slow down. Let's get to know each other first (He chuckles not taking me seriously. I get irritated and snappy) Because technically- you don't really know me and I don't know you all that well either.
Roy: *grabs my hand as if to calm me down* Okay, Okay --Listen Sonya. Relax, Relax! ... it's fine. It's all good.

I hate it when someone tells me to relax and I don't want to. After meeting his roommate and surgeon partner, Ryan, who overheard our fib, Roy is embarrassed and quickly bids me goodnight. He doesn't even call a cab.

(text msg. @midnight)
Dr. Roy: Hey hope you sleep well ;) just wanted to let u know how cool and fun I think u r! Well chat more later...
Dr. Roy: Oh... And my shoulder just fell off... Thanx for nothing dork ;)
Me: Gladly... gnite Roy.

(...and what we REALLY meant)

Dr. Roy:
Hey, hope you're not mad at me. I hope you remain fun so I can make out with you soon. And I would appreciate it if you stay cool when I start to feel hot and bothered. I don't really want to chat with you right now, but I will text you later.
Dr. Roy: Oh, and are you aware you just rejected me earlier? Thanx for nothing.
Me: I'll reject you if I have to. gnite Roy.

Surgeons take their work seriously to the death.
But when it comes to girls... it may be a whole other matter.


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