Meet the Friends Part I

Friday, I invited Roy for a bike ride at Central Park with friends.

(Sat. afternoon text msg)
Roy: Hey Sony. Did you plan out tomorrow yet... I'm not 100% sure I can do it then :(
Me: Sorry I'm at work right now (again, workaholic). Hey. Actually Ana and I want to meet at 3. It will be cool then.
Me: Will you be free at 3?
... no answer

@ B & N Cafe:I turn around waiting in line for coffee and see a man in a plaid hat that looks strangely like Roy's... His skin is darker like Roy's and he also has a tan messenger bag like his. I recall he usually tells me he's "chilling with his homies" and c'mon, it's a Saturday night. What's he gonna do at a bookstore?

Low and behold, Roy! Alone at a bookstore!
Roy: *smiling* Hello.

I turn around and jump. It could have been disastrous if he heard us talking about him earlier! And Ana, my friend, she was looking around for this Roy-lookalike I was telling her about... while he was walking RIGHT TOWARDS US. They introduce themselves to each other. He jokes about my bad vision. Ana agrees. We ask each other about the night. What are you doing here?

Roy: Oh, my roommate had a lots of people over. I was just taking a nap *looks at his watch*... and trying to get some work done so I came here.

Ana thinks Roy is lying. I hope she's right-- it'd be kinda cute how he tries to impress me. Roy is behaving well tonight, Ana is here. He tells me he'd love to hang out tomorrow. We all review plans for tomorrow's bike ride and bid each other gnight.

Meeting the friends is an important situation that doesn't happen nearly enough. I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH!

You never truly get to know someone until you see them around other people. When friends are interested in someone, I always encourage them to bring their prospects out for a group outing (pref. a mix of girls and boys). I like seeing ppl in the context of their natural environment. You learn so much more about a man... rather than having him tell you during an artificial constraint of a 2-hour dinner date at a restaurant.

Odd- This is the 5th time we've seen each other during 2 weeks we've known each other! either by chance or date. I keep bumping into him at the Cafe. Perhaps, he's a B&N addict.

Ahh good memories. We met here :)


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