#78 Meet the Friends Part 2

My roommate, Jo, thinks Roy is gay and he doesn't know it. She's also upset Roy did not pay for the whole dinner tab ($96). "He's a surgeon and he only paid $40! A hundred dollars is like nothing!" Ana thinks he's conceited. She was very disappointed he spent the entire dinner trying to impress Jo, Alex and her than conversing with me. Touche. I still have to ask my buddy, Alex what he thinks of him.

Consider this: Your best friends only want to make sure you are in the hands of a very nice and safe man. They are not there to test his social skills with them; they are there to see whether the man handles you well and takes care of you. Nothing drives a friend more crazy than a guy who treats you disrepectfully.

And I think Roy's actions and behavior yesterday deserve a big fat F.

F for lying f*ck.

I caught him making a down-spiral trail of lies last night as he tried to cover up his tracks and whereabouts during his missing appearance some time between 3PM and 6PM. Yes, we girls are that good. Girls can sniff a Pinocchio out like Dolce and Gabbona!

Here is my testimony:

  • 3:00 PM-- I call Roy. Roy tells me his friend hasn't showed up yet. They were to meet at 12PM, but he tells me his friend is late for an hour and half now. Roy wants to bike with us in Central Park anyway so he's on his way

  • 3:30 PM-- I meet up with Alex and walk back to my apt to pick up Ana. I text Roy I will be at the meeting place in 15 minutes. He texts he'll see me there.

  • 3:45PM-- We finally arrive at the meeting place. I give him a call... no one picks up... another call.. nothing... so finally a text "Hey, are you here?"

  • 4:00PM-- I am sick of waiting. We go ahead and rent the bikes

  • 4:15PM-- He calls and tells me he just arrived-- which he should have arrived 45 minutes ago, but he's claims he's tired. He keeps stressing "but don't get the wrong impression. I still want to 'hang out' with you. You're such an awesome girl. I still want to see you." I tell him it's okay and get some rest.

  • 5:00PM-- I call him to ask about dinner with friends. He says yes.

  • 8:00PM--(before dinner) Roy tells me he went to Soho with a friend to purchase some shirts earlier.

  • 10:00PM-- (After dinner) I follow up about his day. Roy tells me his friend finally showed up at 2:30PM.... Yes. 2:30 (please read 3pm)
You have good reason to suspect it's a friend of the opposite sex if she or he consistently identifies the person as "friend."

We take the subway home, Roy asks to see me this Wednesday. I tell him I can't. He asks why. I have plans, but I am available Thursday night. Roy wants to check his operations schedule. I tell him I'll keep Thursday open for him. He smiles and says to "etch me in stone." I smile and agree. Clearly, he remembers what happened last date because he kisses me g'night on thee cheek.

This. is. not. working.

I am curious what some of the stereotypes are of Indian men so I Google it. According to the generalized population, Indian men are to-be wife beaters who neglect their women and treat them like objects??? I'm sure there's lots of nice Indian lovers and partners consistently breaking this stereotype... but what about Roy?


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