Third Time's the Charm?

@ B & N Cafe:

I know Roy is operating tonight so I won't be bumping into him. I go to the cafe to work on my writing. A handsome, tall, older man in a crisp cream shirt, cargo pants, coffee, and perfect skin sits next to me. "Mind if I join you?"

Me: No, not at all.
Guy: You must get approached by many men here.
Me: *laughs* yeah right.
Guy: Really? Because you're very attractive.
Me: *smiles* thank you.
Guy: I'm Steve. Steve Daniels. Nice to meet you.

We strike up conversations about our neighborhood, passions, siblings, and travels. Steve has recently come back from a electronically isolated environment in Israel as part of his Jewish culture, although he is not orthodox. He tells me he likes walking here from his apt. roughly 20 blocks away north--which is millionaire's territory so Jo tells me.

Steve: I'm self employed... after a medical condition. I translate documents in 5 different languages for several different companies.

Uh oh. What kind of medical condition? I like the way Steve communicates. He talks in a calm and understanding tone-- mostly listening, quarter sharing, and a quarter asking questions... unlike Roy who could go on forever about his life given a question or two. Roy loves to talk, but soon turns deaf after listening. Even for a doc.

Steve: So... what's your availability like this week?
Me: *curious* Steve, can I ask you a question? *he nods* How old are you?
Steve: I am... 40 something.
Me: Oh...
Steve: How old are you?
Me: I am 20 something.
Steve: You know, age doesn't really matter to me as long as it doesn't matter to you.

He talks about how relationships always end because of something else-- hardly because of age differences. I agree. I think he also indirectly called me agist: dicriminatory of people based on age. I feel somewhat guilty and agree to have lunch with him this weekend.

(Catharine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: my favorite inter-age couple!!)

Age, does it matter? From experience, I feel it doesn't. I've dated 30-year olds who never grew out of frathood and eary 20s who know what they want and go after it. Of course, most guys prefer young arms so age is not much of an issue for them. As for I, I am mainly concerned with a guy's level of maturity and pace in relationships. But if this is the main concern, why are many people still grossed out by large age gaps?

This is the 3rd time a guy has asked me out this month at this cafe! And I was just working on my writing o=). This is definitely beats meeting someone at a bar. Go to your local cafe dealer today! *wink*


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