Losing your Mojo

@ Two Boots Pizza:

Belinda, she is cute 22-year old, poised, generous acct. manager at my firm. She's also my boss, although we have become good friends and lunch buddies.

Belinda: I think I've lost my mojo.

Me: What do you mean?

Belinda: I don't know why. Maybe it's because I got out of a rough long-term relationship... but not to brag or anything, but I used to get asked out by tons of guys! Even when I was with him. Now... no one is asking me out. My friend tells me I've lost my mojo.

Me: Take your time.

Belinda: I asked my guy friend what it is about me and he tells me "'well, it seems that when people approach you, you have a big 'F*CK OFF' sign on your forehead.'"

(grumpy pup but oh so cute!)

Hmm-- what does that even look or sound like to someone??? Are there some people who are naturally intimidating? We should ask ourselves everyday whether we are giving off an eery vibe. Sure, a rough day is only human, but having so many rough days enough to have someone say you generally give off a hostile n' negative vibe? ...It just scares potential lovers n' friends away.


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