#79 Minding Table Manners

Last night @Saigon 48:

Steven, the 26-year old, muscular stock trader with slick black hair whom I met at my cafe, chomped down his pork steak with a fork and striped the meat to its bare bones with his greasy fingers. I was immediately embarrassed and disgusted. You know what else drives me crazy? Guys who end sentences with OK? "I want you to be my girlfriend ok?" "I'm free Saturday, ok?" "My job is fairly flexible ok?" And this was only our 2nd date!

He ate up the pork steak entree in addition to a vegetarian entree that I had ordered. He even ate half of my entree (I couldn't finish it)!! The nerves of this guy to try to touch my hand after finger-licking...*shoulder shudders.* My jaw dropped. In a perfect world, I would have stormed out those doors, but I feigned sickness and requested to go home.

I feel sorry for anyone who has dined or will dine with Steve. Or even be seen with him.

Certainly won't be me. Ugh!

Table manners are important to me. That's the first thing many people notice when I dine with them and I am proud of it. Table manners signify dignity and respect for your company, the staff members, and your food. We are not mindless animals. So don't eat like one!


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