#80 "I'd like to see you more"

@ Rosa Mexicana:

He orders us Pomegranate margaritas. It is very strong.

Roy talks about his rough childhood (who doesn't have it rough?), how he broke his arm at 5 and no one believed him, how the doctor saved him... and that is how he knew he wanted to be a surgeon. He asks me what's the most difficult event I had to go through. I tell him a little about my sister. Roy would like to meet her. My sister is still family and I only introduce my family to men if I'm serious about them. Interestingly enough, that hasn't happened to anyone yet.

So, Roy claims he's "very innocent" and I am "an evil seductress." Evil??? I challenge his claim.

Me: How am I evil?
Roy: You're not evil... it's just... I'm scared of your intentions for me... like you'll take advantage of me... after this drink! *joke* You're so smooth in your interactions with me.
Me: What kind of innocence are you talking about?
Roy: Oh! So you can use the knowledge against me! *laughs*
Me: No. If you're referring to moral innocence, then it's unfair to think you're the only innocent one. I think we're all pretty innocent.

Wow. Here I was bent out of shape and unsure about my place in Roy's life... while he was doing the same. :)

He tells me about his Buddhist beliefs and meditation in uniting light and energy. Roy is repulsed by Hinduism-- contrary to his Indian background.

Roy: The third step is to unite light. For example, look at what's happening to us right now... We are giving off and receiving energy. I am enjoying it, and I hope you are too. *Pauses* I am getting to know you... and I enjoy it every time I see you. Sony, you're very mature, beyond your years. How old are you again? ... you're smart, witty, fun... You're dorky, but I have a lot of fun every time I see you. I'm not sure if it's your youthfulness- but then again, you're very mature. Can I ask you a small favor?

Me: *smiles* what is it?

I would like to... get to know you more. I know you have work and all, but... if we could just chill more often and I don't know... rent movies, go out and eat... I'd really like that.

When we leave, I give him a kiss. He tells me several times to "be good." What's that supposed to mean!


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