Weary Eye for the Undomesticated

After the sunset... we can rent a DVD.
Me: Have you heard of In the Loop? It's showing at the indy film theatre.
Roy: no..... it could be fun, hey can you bake us some cookies or a diff cool desert!

Whaaat? Do I look like a housewife to you?? who will bake after work? I love how he wants it "diff"-icult. Oh, so now it has to be difficult? Why must you want to give me a hard time! And I would be baking YOU cookies; there would be no baking "US" unless you're slaving in the kitchen WITH me. He's not even my boyfriend!

Me: Sweetie by the time I'm finished baking, I won't have time for you.

Sigh*Once you cook for them, they will ask another time.. and another. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE TO COOK and BAKE... but only when I want to. Conclusively, best for me to feign I can't cook.


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