Text Msg. Terrorist (TMT)

Text msg:

Steve: I feel u r acting a bit weird...
Steve: Do you want to see me again?
Me: Steve I was so embarrassed by your table manners I just can't see you again. Please don't contact me.

Of course he was furious, but such a disgusting guy shouldn't even deserve a phone call. He started bombarding me with non-stop sexual text messages and calling me through unidentified numbers the entire night! Thank god I never told him my last name nor gave him the opportunity to come near my apt.

If I ever get dumped, the last thing on my mind, especially if I want to get someone back, is harrassing them with my presence they felt so strongly to avoid in the first place.


Sara said...

Props to you for being honest with the douche nozzle. :D He sounds slightly unbalanced and stalkerish. Thank GOD he doesn't know where you live because you so know he'd be all over your place!

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